Top 10 Projects:

1.        Energy Measuring system,
Real-time on-line and historical data base for analyzing purposes. This is compulsory for                    managing doing Energy Saving Projects, system including:

            - Fuel Flow meters, Coriolis type, Ship system divided to Main Engine,  Auxiliary Engine and Boiler.
            - Shaft Power Meters.
Big electrical consumers included if possible

2.       WIF, Water in Fuel Emulsified, Better combustion, lower Fuel consumption, less NOx and CO for the Environment.

3.      Temp-Coat, Insulation of HT pipe system in enginee rooms, please see "products"..

4.       Voyage optimization system, recommends the best ship route according to weather and current conditions.

5.       Trim Optimizations systems, to see and find the best trim of the ship at a special draft.

6.       New versions of Engine governors, better and more accurate performance,
           gives a more stable load condition, instead of fluctuating rpm or load on the engine.

7.       Anti-Rolling Engine governor device, makes less ship rolling, so the hull shape is straight as much as
           possible which creates less resistant in the water.

8.       Frequency controlled Sea Water and Fresh water pumps, controls the water flow after demand,
           instead of running at 100% load all the time.

9.       Frequency controlled Engine room fans, controls the Air flow after demand, instead of running at
          100% load all the time.

10.       Frequency controlled Accommodation Fan system, fans, controls the Air flow after demand,  
             depending on timer settings, how many passengers/crew onboard, what areas in use.

11.   Waste Heat Recovery systems, Various…

12. Etc...