Temp-coat fox luna tank heating pipes.

The Ship Fox Luna has today cargo heating (thermal Oil) pipe system on deck that is insulated with Rockwool material that is covered with steel sheet material. This is casing problem with the weather conditions, at rough sea the waves are breaking down the steel sheet material and the Rockwool insulation becomes damaged and wet with seawater and the insulation factor decreases.
3 pipes have been cleaned and applied by Temp-Coat (2015-12-09),
So far everything shows good result, the coating manages the ship stress and movements, the insulating is working and no more damaged wet insulation from this pipes on deck.
A future question could also be; -would it work out to insulate the ship deck top side? to keep the heating in the tank to be reflected down to the tank media instead of just disappear to the atmosphere? Who wants to be the first ship owner to make a try?
To read the complete project report please contact info at enyssol.com

Fox Luna, BRP, Gothenburg