Temp-coat insulation

Product Areas:
•       Engine HT and LT pipe system, Expansion tanks.
•       Boiler surfaces and pipes.
•       Fuel Pipes, booster system, easy to find leaks, no              oily wet insulation dripping.
•       AC pipes and system, No condense water creating            rusty pipes.
•       Fuel and other tanks.
•       Tanker Ship tank heating systems, no more                          insulation wet of SW and corroded pipes.
•       Control room and other places needed to be                        insulated.
•       Top of bridge deck, keep the cold or the heat inside          the bridge.
•       ?

Temp-Coat Data:
•       Working Area -66 to 176 Deg. C.
•       4 mm ≈ 100 mm Rockwool

•       Can be overpainted

Please see "Projects" for more information, i.g.project  tanker ship Fox Luna...