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Enyssol has built up a lot of experience specialising Project Management work in the marine industry.

Energy Audits: (SEEMP Survey)

•  Make an Energy Audit as an addition to your SEEMP manual, to verify the ongoing projects and
    To see what can be improved. All to be presented for the class surveyor at the yearly certificate renewal, to show that the management also uses     external resources for creating a better environment.

Energy saving projects: 
•    Starting with a full survey of a ship and its systems, we develop solutions to improve the overall efficiency of the ship and equipment. 
•    An energy survey report will clearly define the areas that can be improved, and indicate the likely savings or emission reduction that
     can be achieved.
•    A baseline survey of fuel consumption, emissions production, and power usage will be carried out to help determine the best
     investment can be made on the ship in order to realise the biggest fuel savings and emissions reduction.
•    Enyssol can offer turnkey project management solutions by arranging all equipment, spares, contractors, and liaise with
     classification societies and flag state where necessary.

Yard, Refurbishment projects & Insurance claims: 
•    Full project management for dry-docking, refurbishment, as new building. 
•    Technical assistance with damage insurance claims. 


what is energy saving?

Energy Saving is all about MEASSURING...
You must have a measuring system for Your equipment and by this creating a Base-Line, after this changes and modifications can be carried out, then it will be possible to find out the saving by measuring again…. 

Ask Enyssol for an Energy Audit Survey for Your ship fleet and get recommendations of what can be done to save Energy and create a better Environment…

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